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What do we do?

Faresatoz.com is a reputed provider of online travel flight services that include flight, and hotel booking and price comparisons under one roof. With millions of users every month, we

have been the top choice for people who love to travel for work, leisure, adventure and many other reasons. Our team thrives to make your online flight and hotel booking experience

hassle-free and seamless.

We are not a tour and travel agent. We are not in any way responsible for quoting, or controlling the prices applicable to, any of the travel options or products which you find and

book on our website. All the third-party offerings are provided by independent travel agents companies or other third parties and these are subject to the terms and conditions.


Terms of Use:

By accessing or using our services or platforms, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, cookie policy, and community guidelines.

Where different terms and conditions apply to some of our products and services on our website, we will notify you and those terms will replace these terms.

The Terms may be amended at any time at our discretion. The revised Terms will be published if these Terms are amended, and you will be deemed to have accepted any

amendments if you continue to use our Services or Platforms after the amendments are displayed. If you don’t abide by these Terms, you aren’t eligible to use our Services or



Usage of Products and Services

You may just involve our Administrations and Stages in consistence with relevant regulations and for authentic purposes. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download, access, and utilize our Platforms and Services solely for your own personal, non-commercial use in exchange for your acceptance of these Terms. We grant you this license on the condition that you agree not to:

1. use our Platforms or Services for any improper or illegal purpose, or to post, share, or transmit material that: I) is abusive, hostile, foul or generally offensive; ( ii) is in break of certainty or protection or of any outsider's privileges including copyright, exchange mark or other licensed innovation freedoms; ( iii) is posted, shared, or transmitted with the intention of promoting or advertising oneself or another individual or entity; or (iv) is false or misleading about who you are or suggests that you are sponsored, affiliated, or connected to Faresatoz.com in any way; or (v) you don't have the rights or permissions you need to make them available elsewhere;

2. use our Platforms or Services for a commercial purpose or in a way that could harm our platform or bring it into disrepute;

3. disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise decompile any software, applications,updates, or hardware that is part of or accessible through our Platforms, Services, or Services, except as permitted by law;

4. violate or attempt to violate any security measures to restrict your access to or use of our offerings; duplicate, or share to the public, sell, lend, or otherwise use our Services or Platforms;

5. use or tamper with our Platforms or Services in a way that could harm, disable,overburden, impair, or compromise our security or systems, or tamper with other users;

6. introduce or transmit disruptive or malicious code, viruses, worms, trojan horses, or "denial of service" or "spam" attacks onto our Platforms or Services;

7. or alter, replace, or remove any notices of authorship, trademarks, business names, logos, or other designations of origin from our platforms or services, or pretend that our platforms or services are made by someone other than Faresatoz.com.

In addition, you agree not to use any unlicensed automated computer program, software agent, bot, spider, or other software or application to scan, copy, index, sort, or otherwise exploit our Platforms, Services, or data. We reserve the right to take any technical or legal action to detect and restrict unauthorised automated access to our Services and Platforms.

We have made significant investments in collecting, processing, and presenting thousands of travel data suppliers and provides access to travel data via a commercial API. Any breach of this provision constitutes a material breach of these terms.

If you use a log-in account or password to sign up for one of our platforms or services, you are responsible for protecting that information. Please notify us immediately via our Helpdesk if you become aware of or suspect that the security of your log-in details has been compromised for any reason.

Children below 16 years of age are prohibited to use our platforms or services, and should not share any information to our platforms or services. If this is observed, we shall immediately delete that information as per our Privacy Policy. We never collect personal information from children aged less than 16 years.

To the degree that any piece of our Administrations or Stages is facilitated on a third-party site (for instance, Facebook or any other social platform) and there are discrete terms of purpose connecting with that site, you consent to conform to those agreements along with these terms.


Information Sharing

You acknowledge that we may use any personal data you provide to our Services or Platforms in accordance with our privacy policy. Personal data is defined in our privacy policy. In order for us to use your personal information in accordance with these Terms, our community guidelines, and our privacy policy, you agree to ensure that all personal data you provide to us is true in nature and is up-to-the-minute. Additionally, you agree to provide us with all necessary consents, licenses, and approvals.

If our Platforms or Services permit you to share data, images, videos, or other content with Faresatoz.com or other users (collectively, "User Content"), you agree to the following:


1. You are solely responsible for the User Content that you upload, and you warrant and agree that you will not share anything for which you do not have permission or the right to do

so, or for which you are unable to grant the license outlined in the following paragraph;

2. In accordance with our privacy policy, you give Faresatoz.com and the Faresatoz.com Group Companies a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable and sub-licensable right to host,

use, reproduce both electronically and otherwise, publicly display, distribute, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and create derivative works from any and all such User Content, including

for promoting and marketing our Services and Platforms. Sharing your User Content with anyone else is always up to you.

3. You are responsible for creating backups of your own user content, and we are not obligated to store, retain, publish, or make available any user content you upload.

You hereby irrevocably assign ownership of all intellectual property rights that exist in the feedback to us and acknowledge that we may use and share the feedback for any purpose at our discretion if you provide it to us (collectively, "Feedback"). You can give criticism to us by tapping on the 'input' tab or through our Helpdesk.


[Faresatoz.com’s] Property

Except as otherwise specified in these Terms, Faresatoz.com owns or licenses all intellectual property rights in our Services and Platforms, including copyright (including copyright in computer software), patents, trademark or business names, database rights and trade secrets. Except for the limited license granted to you by these Terms, you acknowledge that you will not acquire any rights, titles, or interests in or to the Services or Platforms by using them. You also agree that you are not entitled to access the source code of any of the Platforms or Services unless it is released under a license that specifically permits such access.


Price accuracy, Forecasting and Warranty Disclaimer

 Your use of the Platforms and Services is entirely at your own risk.

We do our best to ensure that the content displayed on or via our Services and Platforms is up-to-date and accurate, but we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of such content.

All Travel Providers who supply our travel data are subject to strict price accuracy policies.

Similarly, our price forecasts are based on information about past pricing trends that we hold,but accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

We offer the Types of assistance and Stages on an 'as is' premise and explicitly renounce all guarantees, conditions and certifications of any sort, whether express or suggested,including yet not restricted to, the inferred guarantees of title, non-encroachment,merchantability and precision, as well as any guarantees suggested by use of exchange,course of managing or course of execution. We disclaim all warranties and representations regarding the accuracy, completeness, or up-to-dateness of our Platforms and Services to the fullest extent permitted by law. b) will be available at all times; (c) will meet your requirements; or (d) are safe or free of mistakes, flaws, problems, viruses, or malware.


Limitations and exclusions of liability


The full scope of Faresatoz.com obligations and liabilities with regard to our Platforms and Services is outlined in these Terms.

We assume no liability for any arrangements you make with third parties as a result of using our Platforms or Services—including any Travel Provider, for example. You acknowledge that you are responsible for resolving any issues you have with any bookings you attempt to make or make through Faresatoz.com with the relevant travel provider and that Faresatoz.com is not responsible for any refunds you may receive in these situations.

Where our Administrations or Stages contain connections to different destinations and assets given by outsiders, these connections are accommodated your data as it were. We accept no liability for the content of those websites or resources, as well as for any harm or loss that may result from their use.

You might see publicizing material presented by outsiders on our Administrations and Stages. Every individual publicist is exclusively answerable for the substance of its

promoting material and we acknowledge no liability regarding the substance of publicizing material, including, without impediment, any mistakes, oversights or errors.



We may immediately and without notice terminate any agreement it has with you in

accordance with these Terms by deleting any User Content you have uploaded to our Platforms or Services and/or cancelling your membership if you have a log-in account. We might suspend your entrance and use in entire or to some extent without notice whenever,for instance to keep you from transferring any Client Content, without bringing about any responsibility to you at all.