Refund & Cacellation Policy

·  After 24 hours, the cost of the airline tickets and the booking fees are not refundable.

·  The airline's cancellation conditions apply to any cancellation made after 24 hours. However, there would be a cancellation fee.

·  Tickets may be cancelled up to 24 hours after purchase for a cost by contacting our customer care team around-the-clock.

·  In the event of a no-show, the ticket is non-refundable and the airline loses the full price. Please let us know at least 4 hours before the flight's departure to avoid no-show.

·  According to airline regulation, changes to the passenger names cannot be made after a ticket has been purchased. The restrictions and policies of the relevant airline apply to any changes made to the itinerary.

·  After purchase, tickets for all low-cost airlines that are purchased within 7 days of the departure date are non-refundable.

The amount paid for reservations for hotels and rental cars is not, under any circumstances, refundable. However, there is a chance that the booking fees for hotels and rental cars will be refunded.

Only over the phone should cancellations be made for airline tickets, hotel reservations, and rental car reservations. If the conditions listed below are satisfied, we will only consider refund requests:

ü If you have requested a cancellation and refund through us, provided that the fare regulations permit such requests.

ü if you do not "no show." "No show" is a circumstance in which a passenger is supposed to board a flight but is not at the airport and doesn't inform the airline of this. A "no show" reservation is typically ineligible for any supplier waiver regarding refund processing.

ü While processing the requested cancellation and refund, we are able to get exemptions from suppliers. We might not always be able to do that, though.

Regarding the potential processing period for the requested refund, we are unable to specify a definite time range. Refund requests are all processed in a precise sequential order. You will receive an email from our end letting you know that the cancellation request has been received once it has been submitted to our customer care representative. Receiving a notification, however, does not guarantee that you will get a refund. Simply, an acknowledgement that your request has been accepted and a tracking number are included in the email notice. When we receive your request for cancellation and refund, we will only make contact with the suppliers—airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies—if a refund is possible. The supplier's choice will be final, and we'll let you know about it.

The initial reservation or booking's service costs are not refundable. Please be aware that when it comes to receiving the requested returns, we are totally at the suppliers' mercy. Please be aware that reimbursements are only possible under the conditions specified by the airline or supplier. From the time your request is received until your bill is credited, it could take anywhere between 60 and 90 days once the supplier has accepted the requested refund. will levy a post-ticketing service fee, as and when necessary, in addition to the refund costs levied by the airlines and other suppliers. All refund fees are calculated per passenger and per ticket. Only if a refund has been approved by the supplier or a waiver has been obtained are the refund fees applicable. We will reimburse you for our post-ticketing service fees if the provider refuses to complete the requested refund. This does not, however, apply to our booking fees for the first reservation or booking of travel.