Privacy Policy

This policy's objective, along with that of our Terms of Service, is to describe how we gather, utilize, and safeguard your personal data across all of our websites and services. You can find the most recent version of this policy here. We periodically review and modify it to ensure that it complies with the various privacy regulations in force around the world. If there are very significant changes to the policy, we may let users know by posting notices through our applications or through other channels of communication.

We define "personal data" broadly to mean any information that identifies you specifically. Examples of information that fits this criterion include your name, email address, phone number, IP address, and device IDs. Other, less particular information, such as how you use our service or the nation from which you access our systems, may also be stored by us. We will always give links that allow you to review the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the providers with whom we frequently operate (such as travel sites, agents, airlines, etc.) in order to complete your booking.

How and why do we utilize your personal information?

In order to provide services (such as bookings, etc.), comply with legal duties, or for other standard business purposes, we only use information for which consent has been granted. Below, find explanations of each of these situations.

Service Offerings and Bookings

We utilise your data to provide for or support the execution of contracts you are attempting to enter into, most frequently a booking with us or a travel supplier. This could happen in a number of different ways.

1. Website adaptation for your device (such as a smartphone or tablet)

2. Providing you with search results that meet your criteria (country of origin, etc.)

3. When you choose an offer from a Travel Supplier, we link you to their platform using data from your device ID, IP address, and search history.

4. We shall provide the Travel Supplier's system with any information necessary to complete the booking on your behalf (such as contact information, a passport, etc.).

5. contacting you with messages, notifications, or alerts that are required to provide the services you've requested, such as emails confirming your reservation or other crucial communications like alerts about flight status changes or updates, or messages about changes to our services, this policy, or our Terms of Service;

6. answering consumer questions via email or other channels of contact, such as customer service;

7. letting you keep any accounts you have with us active;

Legal Obligations and Compliance

Your information might need to be kept on file and used in the future if we need to respond to legal claims or for compliance, regulatory, or auditing reasons. For instance, if a court order or regulatory authority requires it, we may be required to keep information on file. Also, we reserve the right to ask for identification and verification papers from you in order to verify your identity when you exercise any applicable legal rights you may have to view, alter, or delete your personal data.

Consent to Using Data

We will expressly ask for your permission for things like:

1. When we cookie your device and local law compliance requires your consent,

2. when we communicate with you in a one-way (push) manner via email or messaging, such as with price alerts or email newsletters,

3. and when we gather input in a 1-on-1 survey or a similar situation.

If we only process personal data with your consent, you have the right to revoke that consent at any time by utilizing the capability offered in the relevant product feature or by getting in touch with us.

Your acceptance of the terms of service, which is a requirement for using the application or site, gives your approval for site, booking, and app usage. Additionally, users may normally withdraw their consent by making a request or by ceasing to use the website.

How Do We Gather Personal Information?

Numerous pieces of information about users' experiences are gathered and kept as they use our sites and apps. We focus on the essentials because there is little value in gathering other items. Here are some illustrations of how we only gather what is necessary.

You freely give it to us.

We may ask for personal information from you if you wish to book travel for yourself and other people. This includes information like the dates and location you select during a search as well as the fundamentals needed to make a booking with a travel vendor, like names and contact information. Additionally, it can contain information like reviews or pictures that you post to our services to share with other travellers. Most importantly, the decision to provide us with this kind of information is always your own.

We produce or gather it automatically.

As you use our services, we automatically create or gather some data from your computer or other device. This includes information like your IP address, specifics about the computer and web browser you are using to access our services, the website URL you came from when you visited us, and the URLs of external websites you visit when you click links to leave the website. It also contains information about the reservations you've made with Your mobile device or IP address may also allow us to determine where you are. This enables us to enhance your experience and guarantee that you see the most pertinent material.

We fetch it from outside (third-party) sources.

Depending on how you choose to connect with us, there are instances when we get information about you from third parties. For instance, if you access our website through a partner's promotion or if you use our social network login function to sign into your account. Additionally, if you were navigated to a Travel Supplier's website or app to finalise your booking, we may have obtained information from them regarding your decision to proceed with your trip and the specifics of your booking.

Children under the age of 16 are not eligible to use our services or provide any information to us, on our services, or through our services as they are not intended for them. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16, and we will erase any information that we realise we have obtained without the express agreement of the child's parent or legal guardian.


What types of Personal Information Do We Gather?

We may gather or handle the following categories of personal data using the three distinct methods mentioned above depending on how you use our services.

· Contact: information includes a person's name, address, phone number, and email address.

· Identification: Information used to identify you, such as your name, residence, gender, nationality, immigration status, and date of birth, may be found in your passport's details.

· Payments: When you book a trip with us or one of our partners, we'll need to know your credit card number, expiration date, and verification code for payments.

· Travel and Booking: This includes your reservation number, history of reservations, passenger name record ("PNR"), information from your ID or passport, and your itinerary.

· Demographic: When you use our services, we may collect demographic information like your age, gender, location, and preferred language.

· Device and Location: Information about your device, such as your IP address, type, make, model, and operating system; precise location information based on GPS data from your mobile device (when you give us access to this information through your device settings); and approximated location information based on your IP address.

· Application Usage: Your search history and travel preferences; how you've interacted with our sites and applications, including the amount of time spent on each and the pages, features, or functionality you've used; links you've clicked to access or leave our services, including the Travel Supplier's name and the category of travel service you've chosen; and the locations to which you've been redirected to a Travel Supplier.

· User Preferences: This particularly includes consents you have granted or denied, email and push notification preferences, and cookies storing your ad preference information, are all connected to your account.

· Communication History: consists of communications you send us via email, online chat, instant messaging, or social media, as well as metadata related to those communications, like the date and time of the communication.

· Employment Information or Provided Content: Any information you provide to us during the course of any correspondence you may have with us, including signatures, photographs, opinions, and, if you are applying for a position with, specifics of your employment history, salary, and other similar information.

· Social Media: If you log in to o using a third-party social media platform, we will automatically collect your email address as part of that process. We may also collect information from your publicly viewable LinkedIn or other social network) profile for hiring purposes, such as your name, email address, and CV, if you have provided this information to a third party who has made it available to us in accordance with their own terms and privacy policies.

How long do we keep your private information?

According to our policy, we only keep personal data as long as it's required by law or while it's being used to provide services to you as a client. For instance, to fulfil a booking agreement or for a genuine business purpose. After this time has passed, we may anonymize and aggregate the data (making it non-personally identifiable), or, in accordance with best practices, we may destroy it. At any moment, you can request to erase your personal information.

Regarding how we keep the data, we have different retention policies. The first applies when there is a legal requirement to keep the data for a certain amount of time, and the second takes into account the specific purpose the data was collected for, such as during the normal course of business.

To enable you to log in and use our applications and web services for as long as you need, if you have an account, we will preserve personal information such your name, email address, and other details for as long as you need. In order to better understand network traffic patterns and how our products and services are used, as well as to better our offers and safeguard our commercial interests, we may preserve other information that is not linked to identifiable users forever, such as IP address activity. You have the right to request that we remove your personal data in certain situations, regardless of the length of the retention period.


Sharing personal information with third parties that use it strictly as directed by us

With carefully chosen third parties (let's call them "Third Party Processors") who offer us a range of services that support the execution of our services, we share information about our users. These Third-Party Processors include companies that offer technical support services, customer care, and authentication software. Any Third-Party Processor that handles information on our behalf must do so in accordance with contractual provisions that demand that the data be kept secure, processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws, and used only as directed by us (unless you have given your explicit consent to such use).

It's possible for Third-Party Processors to handle your information outside of the nation in which you currently reside. When we use a Third-Party Processor, we may transfer personal data from within Europe to a location outside of the European Economic Area. In these cases, we will put in place the necessary safeguards to ensure that the personal data is protected appropriately in that location, frequently by using standard contractual clauses that have been approved by the European Commission along with stringent security measures. The many kinds of Third-Party Processors with whom we might share portions of your personal data include:

· payment processors that we've hired to handle or securely store financial data—like credit or debit card information—necessary to facilitate bookings with Travel Suppliers;

· providers of email management and distribution solutions; as an illustration, if you sign up to receive our newsletters or other promotional emails, we will handle their delivery to you using a third-party email distribution facility;

· providers of data aggregation and analytics software services that allow us to efficiently monitor and optimise the delivery of our services;

· Providers of security and fraud protection services, for instance, are used by us to spot automated software agents that could interfere with our services or stop improper use of our APIs;

· suppliers of monitoring techniques we employ to keep track of occasions in which you click a link to a Travel Supplier's website and are redirected from our platform to that Travel Supplier's website;

· providers of recruitment management services, online cloud storage services, and other crucial IT support services, as well as providers of software platforms that help us communicate with or provide customer support services to you – for instance, we manage and respond to any messages you send to us via our help centre using a third-party communications management tool.

· providers of software platforms that let us communicate with you or provide customer support services to you; for instance, we use a third-party communications management technology to handle and reply to any messages you give us through our help centre;

· providers of online cloud storage services and other crucial IT support services; for instance, when you apply for a position at, we employ a third-party tool to manage and keep any information pertaining to your application.

Sharing or enabling the collection of your information by third parties for processing under their control

Personal information you provide during the booking process may be shared with the relevant Travel Supplier or a third party hired to perform services on their behalf in order to process any booking if you are purchasing travel through a Travel Supplier from within our services' booking platform (Instant Book via You will have the chance to check the privacy policy and any terms and conditions of the Travel Supplier before we share your personal data in this manner. The Travel Supplier may also use personal information to spot fraud.

When you explicitly authorise us to do so, for as when we run a competition in cooperation with a partner and you ask us to give your email address to that third party so they can send you promotional emails, we will share personal data with third parties.

Third parties like advertisers, marketing networks, and affiliates (see the How do we advertise? section below) may also get certain information about you using cookies and related technologies. Your IP address and website usage data, such as inquiries or pages visited on, may be collected and provided to these third parties so they can show you relevant advertisements throughout the internet. Your name, contact information, or any other information that would allow someone to identify you in the offline world will never be included in the data that is gathered in this way.

Information disclosure for (or other purposes)

In order to enforce our Terms of Service, prevent, detect, or prosecute illegal or suspected illegal activity, including fraud, or to prevent other harm, we may disclose your information. We may also do so in response to legally required requests, legal proceedings against us, or in order to enforce our rights and claims.

How do we safeguard your personal information?

Our top priority is to protect your personal data. Only employees who need access to your information to perform their duties and provide our services are granted access. While no website or app can guarantee 100% security, we have put in place organisational security measures to protect your personal information. We follow best practise methods, technical, architectural, and administrative security precautions to make sure your information is protected and used only as you have authorised. All of our cloud-based data storage is set up with robust access controls and on-disc encryption. TLS and HTTPS/SSL encryption are used for all data transmission to provide the highest level of security. With our Third-Party vendors, we also uphold an end-to-end security procedure that entails regular security reviews, documentation, and progress updates.

How is the information you provide used for marketing?

You can notice advertisements when using

If you use our websites or applications, you might encounter advertising. Either we, or third-party advertising solution providers, will supply these. These advertising may occasionally be customised to make them more pertinent to you. In some circumstances, the personalization might incorporate information derived from prior hotel or travel searches. We may display a pertinent advertisement for hotels in that area if, as an example, you recently searched for a flight to Spain. As an alternative, it might be given based on your interests from a third-party ad network that has data on websites you might have visited. An illustration of this may be a third-party network that chose a Skiing destination for advertising after learning that you visited a Skiing website. In any scenario, the personalization will never contain your name or any other information that could be used to contact you offline.

You can encounter advertisements while using non- platforms.

When using websites other than after leaving, you may encounter adverts for our services. This may occur when or a Third-Party Ad Solution we partner with buys advertising space from a platform that is not owned by us. Due to the data that Third-Party Ad Solutions have gathered about you, these advertising may be tailored and delivered to you.

How to limit the advertisements you see?

The sections on cookies and tracking codes that follow describe some of the controls you have over the information that advertisers store on your computer. By adjusting these settings, you can influence some of the advertisements that may be displayed. As they no longer have access to the data needed to give you the most relevant advertising, changing these settings typically results in more generic advertising.

Use cookies or other similar technologies by us

In order to gather information for use in accordance with the goals outlined in this policy, we utilise a mix of cookies and other technologies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are incredibly small data files that are kept on your device or web browser. Cookies let us collect the data we need to deliver you the most consistent and relevant experience possible by keeping track of things like your preferences and settings or assisting with site login. Additionally, we use cookies to track how you use our services and determine the effectiveness of any trials or new features we may test. On our website, cookies may be placed by us, partners with whom we collaborate, or unaffiliated third parties (such advertisers).

How to disable the cookies?

You can choose whether or not to accept cookies by setting notifications in current web browsers when you receive them. Using the same setup panels, they can also be completely restricted site by site. Here are some simple guidelines for configuring your cookie settings in certain well-known browsers:


· Click Settings from the Chrome menu icon.

· At the bottom, choose the "Show advanced settings" link.

· Click the "Content settings" button in the "Privacy" section.

· You can choose to turn off or turn on your blocking options in the "Cookies" section.


Microsoft Edge

· Open Edge

· Select Settings by clicking the More actions button on the toolbar.

· Looking for View the advanced settings, then select it.

· Choose your blocking choices in the Cookies section.


· Options can be found by pressing the menu button.

· choosing the privacy panel visit this site

· Make "Firefox will" "Use custom settings for history"

· You can choose to enable or disable your blocking options from here.

How do tracking codes work?

In order to track things like visits and interactions, tracking codes are little pieces of code inserted into the page. To learn more about your interactions with our websites and applications, advertising, and sites, we use tracking codes.

What options and rights do you have?

After creating an account with us, you can visit your Profile at any time to access, amend, download, or remove the essential personal information related to your profile. You can manage your subscriptions and marketing settings from here as well. Additionally, you have rights in relation to the personal information we have about you, which are further described below. You can make use of these privileges by contacting us through your profile page.

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we have about you, to have that information updated, deleted, or the processing of it restricted, and to have that information sent to us in a structured, machine-readable format. Additionally, in some cases (specifically when we are not required by law or a contract to process the data), you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You have the right to revoke your permission at any moment if it has been requested by us. Your request to stop from processing your data won't have any bearing on any processing that has already started.

If granting your request may reveal personal information about another person or if you ask us to erase information that we are obligated by law to maintain or for which we have strong legitimate interests, for example, these rights may be restricted. You have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority if your issues remain unresolved. If you're unable to effectively exercise any of these rights through your Profile, you can do so by getting in touch with us.