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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the island's largest and longest-serving airline that provides regularly scheduled flights to the Hawaiian Islands from the United States mainland and worldwide destinations. The airline was founded in 1929 as Inter-Island Airways and initially offered inter- island flights before expanding to include trans-Pacific and international routes. Hawaiian Airlines, headquartered in Honolulu, provides a variety of amenities to enhance passengers' travel experiences, such as complimentary meals, in-flight entertainment, and authentic Hawaiian hospitality. The airline has a modern fleet of aircraft and is known for its being on time and commitment to customer service.

Cabin Details

Hawaiian Airlines understands that passengers have different preferences when it comes to their seating arrangements. To cater to these preferences, they offer a range of seating options. For an enhanced cabin experience, passengers can choose to upgrade to First Class or Business Class. These premium cabins offer the highest level of service, immersing passengers in the signature Hawaiian hospitality and ambiance. Depending on the aircraft, passengers can enjoy contemporary reclining or lie-flat seats.

To accommodate various needs and budgets, Hawaiian Airlines also offers different options within the Main Cabin. Passengers can choose between Main Cabin Basic, Main Cabin, or Main Cabin Preferred seats. Main Cabin Basic is the most budget-friendly option, offering complimentary meals, snacks, and in-flight entertainment, with some limitations, such as seat assignment at check-in and boarding in the last group. Main Cabin tickets provide more flexibility, allowing seat selection before check-in, earlier access to overhead bins, and the ability to upgrade to another cabin. Main Cabin Preferred seats are located in favorable areas of the cabin, such as aisles or closer to the boarding doors, and offer standard legroom along with earlier in-flight service and faster disembarkation.

Baggage Allowance

Hawaiian Airlines has specific baggage allowances for international travel between the United States and various destinations.

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